about twenty-something stories

after the serenade
another cup of patience
sue and the daylight
tokyo metro
the mansion
fifteen roofs
all the colors in my head
there's a plane ready for us
nothing to declare

produced by air sonic, with pascal hirt and sacha ruffieux

preprods cut at castle life studios and air sonic city between spring 2005 and summer 2006, engineered and mixed by air sonic, gonzague ruffieux and frederic chappuis

album recorded at la fonderie studios, air sonic city and various places between october and november 2006 by pascal hirt, sacha ruffieux and air sonic

mixed in november 2006 at la fonderie by pascal hirt and sacha ruffieux with air sonic

mastered by julien grandjean at jetlag studios in december 2006 and january 2007

cover artwork by the aerocherigang aka benoît gisler

cover photograph by ina jang inaphotography.com
inside photographs by cat's eye aka benoît perriard
band photo by annie gisler

air sonic is benoît gisler (bass), benoît perriard (vox, gtr, keys), sebastien ruegg (drums and percussion) & laurence waeber (gtr, keys)

copyright 2007 air sonic / gardening at night records

distributed in switzerland by RecRec