twenty-something stories lyrics

sue and the daylight

sue and the daylight
a story about love and fear
attraction and repulsion
when there is too much a box and four windows
are just a metaphor
of what's coming on the inside
she's her own skin
she says daydreaming is the deepest luxury

walking the crowded room where she feels at home again

and she’s her own skin
she's herself swallowing the daylight
fed by the anthill
she's herself unafraid

the mansion

you look so confident
always out of the city
full of rope and lying wood
talking to busters

clumsy time flies
as you are running from your past
but there is always a footbridge
in the middle of your mind

full of contradiction
we quit the mansion
for the very same reasons
the engine is rumbling down
our hands trembling down
our shoes will save us

at the peninsula near the house
there's dust raising up
life gone by is blowing hard
even if you close your eyes

all the colors in my head

my sweet friends
i've got a song for you
i haven't been around for days
but you were here
in a hood of noise
a forest of thoughts and a leave of hope

my mind is wasted
with all the colors in my head
i can't land on the earth today
my mind is wasted
with all the colors in my head
but they're the ones that keep me living

i remember that i said one day
i wanted fireworks all over the place
as the shore is near my old red ship
i just realize that i was wrong all the way

there's a plane ready for us

early morning a warm place inside
another way to explore
a new feeling but nothing's changed
how strange it can be

you can run you can call for help
I will be on your way

If you’re looking for an answer
Wait another season
There’s a plane ready for us
We just need to make a decision

copyright 2007 air sonic / gardening at night records

distributed in switzerland by RecRec